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S2P cooperate with Airbus for 3D-MID integration in helicopters

S2P cooperated with Airbus to study a 3D-MID solution to simplify the assembly of helicopters cyclic grips.

Our technologies have made it possible to substitute traditional wiring with conductive tracks directly integrated on the 3D surfaces of a plastic parts.

The prototype displayed at the Paris Air Show 2017 shows the potential of 3D-MID in the automation of the production of such aeronautical systems.


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ISO 9001 Certification


The quality of our organisation is now testified by ISO 9001 Certification.

The certification has been achieved with ZERO NON-CONFORMITIES

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FIP Trade Event – at Lyon Eurexpo

S2P and its partner IPC will be present at the FIP trade show at Lyon Eurexpo (from 16th to 18th of June 2017).

This will be the occasion to present our know-how and our latest achievements in 3D-MID for the industry.

We hope to see all of you.


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DSEI 2017 Trade Show – London

For the first ever S2P will present its expertise at the DSEI Show from September the 12th to 15th.

It will be a nice occasion to meet each other and to look at the great possibilities offered by the MID technology.

MID (or Plastronics) allows implementing electronics functions (antennas, lighting, sensor, RFID…) direct on the plastic support with numerous advantages like miniaturization, weight reduction, ergonomics improvement…

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Paris – Intermeditec 2017

S2P will be present at Paris Intermeditec exhibition, from May 16th until May 18th.

You can find us on the Stand E10 with IPC our partner.

Reminder: our 3D-MID Technology allows us to manufacture sub-assemblies for Medical Industry combining miniaturization and ergonomics by integrating different electronic components (e.g. LED, Sensor, Antennas…) direct on the plastic support.




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The company S2P is now full member of the Defense cluster named EDEN.

Recognised by the French Government, the internationally well-known EDEN cluster validates our company strategy in this business and is the royal way for us to meet innovative and customer-orientated middle-sized suppliers in the Defense and Security Industry.
More information about EDEN



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Plastronics and 3D-MID colloquium : don’t forget to register !

The first colloquium organized by SFIP on plastronics and 3D MID technologies will take place in Grenoble, next March 8-9 2017.

Don’t forget to register quickly ! More details here :

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Here is the first grade of PPS compatible with LDS technology

DIC recently developped a new grade of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) compatible with LDS technology.
PPS is a high-performance semi-crystalline polymer, chemically, mechanically and thermally resistant, which can be used above 200° C.

It is widely used in automotive industry, but also for electrical and electronic equipment, and more generally in industry (water distribution for example).

It enlarges the possibilities for 3D MID solutions, with an intermediate plasticl (performance & price) between PA and LCP / PEEK.

More details to download :
– Newsletter DIC on the arrival of the PPS LP-150-LDS : Newsletter DIC-PPS 13 – New Compound for Laser Direct Structuring
– Datasheet of PPS LP-150-LDS: LP-150-LDS ISO Data sheet_2016-12

There is now a wide range of materials compatible with our LDS technology: ABS, ABS/PC, COP, LCP, PBT, PC, PEEK, PEI, PET, PA, PPA, PPE

Should you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us (


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Prototypes in 3D-MID Technology

To make a prototype in 3D-MID Technology is still a challenging task !
With our partner IPC, we are investigating the possibility to produce 3D-MID prototypes thanks to a new 3D-Printor Voxel 8. This 3-D Printor is able to simultanuously inject the polymer filaments and the conductive ink.
Morevover, it is possible to include electronic components (e.g. LED, resistance, battery…) while printing. The 3D-Printor will make the necessary pauses to allow the deposit of the components.

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International Congress for 3D-MID at Würzburg (Germany)

The main actors of the 3D-MID technologies have been coming to the International Congress for more than 20 years. More than 30 countries have sent representatives this year at Würzburg in Germany.

They display their most recent developments for new products and process.

Sergkei Kamotesov will introduce the first and promising results of the company S2P regarding 2D and 3D MID-inductors designed for Proximity Sensors.