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SHIFT – Sustainable Technologies Enabling Future Telecom Applications

The KDT JU co-funded project SHIFT started in 2022 12 01 with the aim of reaching four main objectives:

  • Develop new Semiconductor and packaging Technologies for very high frequencies, achieving better energy efficiency and output power;
  • Develop new Semiconductor Technology platforms associated with these semiconductor technologies, with corresponding tests, characterization, and modelling methodologies needed for very high frequencies;
  • Demonstrate the progress of the new semiconductor technologies by innovative and competitive System Demonstrators that will integrate MMICs designed with the developed and proposed semiconductor technologies, covering domains for:
  • Wireless (network access and backhaul) and Fiber optics Telecommunication systems;
  • Satellite telecommunication and Earth Observation systems;
  • Demonstrate the economic and operational impact of these systems while reducing their environmental impact.

Supported by 43 partners, SHIFT aims to make important contributions to the “twin transition”, through innovations in component and system technologies for advanced telecommunications. SHIFT consortium will develop innovative semiconductor and packaging technologies and their validation with demonstrators for telecommunication areas such as 5GNR (Beyond 5G) and 6G wireless network access and backhaul, ultra-high speed optical links between servers, satellite telecommunications, and Earth observation. SHIFT will also contribute to environmental and societal concerns, with an analysis of the life cycle of telecommunications products, through their manufacturing chain, their operational use, and their recycling. Finally, SHIFT project supports Europe’s will for sovereignty in semiconductors, by accelerating the development and dissemination of new European technologies, and by enabling many young engineers and researchers to train, thanks to the most recent results. Thus, SHIFT is an ambitious project and sustainable development for innovative European companies.

More information can be found here.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: SHIFT receives funding within the Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking (KDT JU) – the Public-Private Partnership for research, development and innovation under Horizon Europe – and National Authorities under grant agreement n° 101096256.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the granting authority. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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International Paris Air Show

We will be present at the International Paris Air Show on June 21, 2023.
Thanks to La Place Stratégique and Bolloré Logistics for inviting us to its booth Hall2B-D107 !
We will meet you with pleasure.

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New LDS materials, always more efficient

LPKF-LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) technology is the most advanced 3D-MID technology, with more than 20 years of experience in many sectors. To meet the requirements of new markets, materials and compounders regularly create new grades.

S2P, the only French company approved by LPKF as an « Autorized LDS manufacturer », invites you to try these new materials for your next projects :

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14th 3D-MID Congress : Extension of the Deadline for abstracts submission

Dear partners,

First of all, we hope that you, your family and all your collaborators are fine, considering the difficult period we are currently facing with Covid19.

For your information, the next 3D-MID International Conference will be held on September 29th  and 30th , 2020 in Amberg, Germany. S2P is still part of the organizing committee. The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to March 30, 2020, so if you have topics to submit it’s still possible. This conference brings together every two years all the international experts of 3D-MID, on all topics : materials, processes, reliability, applications… You will find all the information here

We are looking forward to meet you in Amberg !

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PCI, Dublin

S2P is exhibiting innovative 3D anti-tampering solutions at the Payment Card Industry (PCI) European Community meeting, in Dublin. PCI is the international Security Standards Council, driving all the requirements for the payment systems, including the integration of complex 3D meshes on electronics housing, to avoid malicius intrusion and theft of data. Joins us on booth 32 ! #pcicm #plastronique #3dmid

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Vision to products by Hahn Schickard

S2P, as a key player of 3D-MID in Europe, participates to Vision to 3D-MID Products Workshop organized by Hahn Schickard Institute in Stuttgart, where last developments and products are shown in several markets : 5G télécommunications, automotive, medical, defense and space.

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S2P is presenting innovative 3D antennas and non-developable Frequency Selective Surfaces at 40th ESA Antenna Workshop

S2P is participating to the 40th ESA Antenna Workshop in ESTEC-Netherlands, 8-10 October 2019. During this main event we will show our last developments for space applications, especially a very innovative Frequency Selective Surface part made for Thales Alenia Space for a Linear to circular polarizing reflector at 20/30 GHz. This very challenging part made by the S2P team is 300*300mm², with small patterns down to 100µm. Please contact us for more details.

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Join us on Paris Air Show 2019

International Paris Air Show opened today, we welcome you in Hall 4 booth E146 to show you:
– our last 3D miniaturized and integrated antenna solutions for lighter and miniaturized systems,
– as well as our full 3D anti-tampering security caps for high secured electronic data,
-for the Security / Defence, Aeronautics and Space markets.

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S2P Acquires new generation Pick and Place Machine

S2P has acquired a Pick and Place machine Essemtec Paraquda 2. In addition to the four placement heads, it is equipped with solder paste jetting and dispensing modules. These modules, coupled with the topographic measurement laser, allow us to assemble components on multi-level 3D-MID / plastronic parts.

With production rates up to 12300 component / hour and a placement area of 600x400x35mm, this machine perfectly meets the needs of our customers.

For your projects, contact our teams on +33 (0) 4 81 92 86 30 or by email on


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#Eurosatory – 5 days to meet S2P for your defense applications

Live – Eurosatory exhibition is now open for the next five days.

A unique opportunity to meet S2P and the powerfull 3D electronics integration for your Defense products. Hall 6 – Booth 6 FG 678