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Prototypes in 3D-MID Technology

To make a prototype in 3D-MID Technology is still a challenging task !
With our partner IPC, we are investigating the possibility to produce 3D-MID prototypes thanks to a new 3D-Printor Voxel 8. This 3-D Printor is able to simultanuously inject the polymer filaments and the conductive ink.
Morevover, it is possible to include electronic components (e.g. LED, resistance, battery…) while printing. The 3D-Printor will make the necessary pauses to allow the deposit of the components.

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International Congress for 3D-MID at Würzburg (Germany)

The main actors of the 3D-MID technologies have been coming to the International Congress for more than 20 years. More than 30 countries have sent representatives this year at Würzburg in Germany.

They display their most recent developments for new products and process.

Sergkei Kamotesov will introduce the first and promising results of the company S2P regarding 2D and 3D MID-inductors designed for Proximity Sensors.


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Connect To Luxury at Monaco

For the first time ever, S2P has presented its unique expertise in designing, prototyping and manufacturing 3D-MID products dedicated to the Packaging, Cosmetic and Luxury industries.



It was also possible to admire the patented NaW Watch.



Photos  Credit S2P – IPC – MIND